Seasonal Fruits: June

Seasonal Fruits: June

June, it starts to get warmer, we sweat more, we are more thirsty and less hungry. Basically, our body’s needs change, so we recommend always choosing seasonal foods as a mainstay of our diet. Nature is wise and so are our bodies, so we believe that listening to both of them is the best thing a body can do to take care of its wellbeing.
We leave here a small summary of a few seasonal fruits of the month of June with a brief description of the main properties of each one.

Apricots: a very nutritious fruit full of vitamins, carotenoids and mineral elements. They are especially interesting for people who suffer from anaemia or want to avoid it, to take care of the skin or to fight free radicals.

Cherries: it is a fruit with purifying and antioxidant properties, it combats muscular inflammations, contains melatonin and is good for the memory.

Plumps: thanks to their high fibre and sorbitol content, they have a diuretic effect and contain high levels of potassium, calcium and magnesium. They also have an antioxidant effect as they contain vitamins C and E and prevent fluid retention.

Strawberries: they have a high water content, are rich in fibre, vitamin C and vitamin E. They also contain citric acid, which has an antioxidant effect. They also contain citric acid, which has disinfectant properties and enhances the action of vitamin C, salicylic acid, which is anti- inflammatory and coagulant, and potassium, which is essential for the functioning of the nervous and muscular system.

Peaches: these fruits also have a high water content, great antioxidant power, help regulate blood sugar, bone health, improve skin and hair collagen.

Loquats: they contain important vitamins and minerals for our organism: potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, fibre, pectin, tannins and vitamin A.

Nectarines: they have a purifying effect, improve eyesight and skin condition, strengthen our immune system, and even strengthen the cardiovascular system.